Technology Infrastructure Services

IT infrastructure is the backbone of any organization. In recent times, it has become the backbone of business since core product and service delivery depends on technology. The organizations that understand and evolve their technology infrastructure landscape regularly are the ones who are likely to succeed in the times to come.

BuzzClan has invested time & resources to develop capabilities around various deployment scenarios including, on-premise infrastructure, private, public & hybrid cloud. This enables us to deliver a higher return on the investment & low cost of ownership across all classes of infrastructure solutions. BuzzClan infrastructure experts can help you modernize your infrastructure to ensure reliability, agility, scalability, and stability.



BuzzClan can help you with the end-to-end plan, design, and implementation of the latest infrastructure including installation, deployment, and support for your on-premise infrastructure, private, public & hybrid cloud infrastructure. At BuzzClan we believe in what’s best suited for your needs, being OEM agnostic we possess expertise at all cloud service providers across the stack. With expertise across domains, we understand the business and changing requirements of infrastructure.

Migration & Updates

Countless business dynamics require IT infrastructure to change at a rapid pace. Customer demand, expansion in service line technology upgrades are a few of many such scenarios that require IT infrastructure to migrate to something bigger, faster or more reliable. Infrastructure migration is the most complex process to handle as it requires extreme expertise and domain understanding to ensure minimal downtime and no data loss. We come with experience of executing scores of migrations across the technology stack and industry verticals.

Performance tuning

A fast and reliable infrastructure needs an effective tuning methodology running continuously to optimize any slow ends in the environment including the Operating system, database, application, and web-tier. BuzzClan adopts a holistic view to performance tuning looking at all the relevant areas. We can help you with configurations, parameter optimizations, resource allocations, and continuous monitoring to make sure the system is always performing to the best of its abilities. We identify the most significant bottleneck and making the appropriate changes to reduce or eliminate the effect of that bottleneck.

Backup & DR

An effective backup and DR plans are paramount to any mission-critical environment. BuzzClan experts can help you plan the disaster planning and recovery strategies in your on-premise data centre and the cloud environments.

Maximum availability architecture is the need of the hour and our experts can provide a cost-effective solution to take care of most of these requirements resulting from various regulatory, or just common sense basic needs. We help our clients with DR strategy, design, implementation, test, monitoring, failover, and reporting. We have helped multiple clients come up with unique -business continuity and disaster recovery plans. We can do the same for you.

Infrastructure as a Service

For a business focussed on growth, it’s important to be able to scale up on the fly. We can offer the virtualized infrastructure that is usable without owning the infrastructure so that business is free to scale up and infrastructure follows. Due to our partnership with all leading cloud service providers, we not only have resources but also the capability to choose the right platform for a business’s need.


Infrastructure Consulting

Monitoring & Business Continuity

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