Cyber Security & Enterprise Risk

An unplugged leakage is  source of potential risk that  could cost an enterprise. We  have constantly worked  towards developing various  robust applications that are  based on compliance  frameworks and reduce risk  exposure to organisations.



Identify, classify and protect assets

We help organizations to form a workable data classification program. Based upon the risk of a possible unauthorized disclosure, value is assigned to the different categories of assets.

Data masking and redacting

One of the common methods of protecting data is encryption, tokenization, masking, and redaction, Based on the classification of a particular data asset we can help you to choose a solution that that is most effective.

Audit & Benchmarking

Cloud, Mobility and IoT has taken the IT assets and customer data to the places. Having a view of the complete infrastructure, assets and data is of utmost essentials for organizations to operate safely. Our capable team can help you to identify and benchmark your IT security and get a custom on-demand view on the overall or subsystem-based risk profile. You can make informed decisions based on empirical data.

Hardening various levels within infrastructure

From servers to application hardening helps your infrastructure to stand the ever-increasing threats from hackers and cyber attacks. Our expert team can help you in server hardening, Application hardening, OS hardening and database hardening.

Audit and Monitoring access

It’s of utmost importance that you have a view of complete systems and applications in terms of user and actions. Capability logs events and take action based on these events is key to avoid security lapses. We can build systems that alert you about problems in perimeter and application so that defensive measures can be taken before any real damage is done.


HIPAA and PCI concentrate on protecting a customer’s health and financial data, Both standards are highly effective in protecting the customer’s confidentiality. Our audit & Compliance team can help you to identify PCI, HIPAA and any other key standards you need to look out for to achieve compliance and peace of mind.


Multi-Tenancy Security – private and public

Cloud Access Management

Directory Services


Mobile Security



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