Streamlining Data Analytics for a Fintech Company


Telecom client is a North American telecommunications operator providing managed voice and data services. With the recent changes in regional regulations, the company was facing a major challenge of retaining call detail record (CDR) data for two years and answering queries on that data within an hour, any time of day, any year. The company’s existing Oracle database was struggling to keep up with two months’ worth of CDR data and the new laws were going to be a serious problem for the client.


The Challenge:

Client was struggling to retain two years’ worth of CDR data and the Oracle system was taking eight hours to do a standard query. This was unacceptable with the new regulations requiring the company to answer queries on the data within an hour.


The Solution:

BuzzClan helped the client discover Vertica and was showcased that same query that took eight hours on Oracle only took eight minutes on Vertica. With BuzzClan’s assistant with the implementation, the client was able to get Vertica up and running in production in three weeks. The new regulatory requirements were immediately met, and Vertica had no problem answering even the longest queries on two years’ worth of CDR data well under the legal requirements.


The Benefits:

Client was not only able to meet the regulatory requirements but also reduced fraud-related costs by 85% year over year using Vertica’s in-database machine learning capabilities. The company upgraded to the newest version of Vertica to take advantage of the flexibility available in a cloud deployment using Vertica in Eon Mode. This allowed the client to flex the computational capability as needed for the workload of the moment and only pay for what they use.



The client initially chose Vertica because of its superior performance and query speed, but soon realized there was much more that Vertica had to offer. Vertica’s machine learning capabilities helped Maxcom analyze network performance, predict capacity constraints, and ensure the best quality service to its customers. With the regulatory compliance and fraud detection now under control, the client is turning its attention to a new project aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and reducing customer churn.

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