Artificial Intelligence reforming HR

The evolution of “BIG DATA” has brought about a big change in the functionality of the various verticals in an organization. Human resources, for long, have been considered as a reactionary field rather than a strategic one that can lend impetus to the overall business innovation. AI is reinventing human resources in a way not seen before by automating the repetitive task of hiring, onboarding, learning, and development, allowing HR teams to focus more on creative and strategic work.

The probability of finding to fit hire candidates manifold with the adoption of AI capabilities. AI capabilities allow the HR team to create exact job descriptions strewed with keywords to attract the desired applicant. Much AI-powered recruitment software provides alternatives for certain words based on your target audience. The AI-powered software can analyze hundreds of job network sites by scouring through candidate’s online presence via social media platform and predict how likely are they to accept the role if offered to them.

The smart chatbots, driven by AI, and powered by neural networks, uses natural language processing to have a human-like conversation, without the need to have “actual” human answering frequently asked questions. The benefit of chatbots is their 24/7 availability, at the convenience of the user and on demand.

The advancements of AI have led to an unbiased and a fast track fit to hire process. The capabilities of AI have resulted in a taut hiring strategy, driven by real-time data and predictive models based on machine learning algorithms. The accuracy of hiring has helped in mitigating the cost associated with high turnover and rehiring.

Compliance is quite a slippery ground for an HR team due to multiple rules and guidelines that need to be adhered to. AI reduce the number of human errors and improve compliance. As AI facilities in automating most of the repetitive task prone to human errors, it mitigates the risk of non-compliance and data incongruity.

The AI analytics has been a game changer in terms of throwing actionable perspective into unstructured data and driving data-driven decision making. The HR can no longer work in silos and will have to adapt fast to the new capabilities of AI, without the fear of being replaced by it. On the contrary embracing HR with AI-powered technologies will free up a lot of time for the HR employees which hitherto is being consumed by a more administrative task.

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