Reasons why Leadership can be transformed by Technology

The disruption caused by technology have changed the way organizations do business, directly impacting the traditional methods of leadership. With the advent of technology, the leaders of today must now derive ways to influence and inspire people, in a landscape where technology is becoming ever more central.

As leadership is more about influence than direct power, the power of technology has given leadership, through social media platforms to influence millions of followers. In the pre-technology era, leaders time was consumed mostly in traveling to build networks and contacts, running from pillar to post to showcase their product portfolio. The technology platform allows the contacts to be nurtured online, freeing up valuable time to strategize ways to create value for the clients.

Micromanaged leadership is easily achieved through technology. Directives to the employees can be sent by email, who are managed by cloud-based team collaboration tool, like slack etc. This allows leadership more fluidity as restrictions predicated on geographical boundaries, no longer present any hurdles.

Collaborative and social enterprise tools have lent credence to the concept of leadership-on-demand or leadership-as-a-service. Such systems allow real-time data capture of human capital, thus providing leaders instant insight to formulate a training plan or retention strategies. Feedback can be tightened through the capabilities of AI analytics, creating an ecosystem of transparency and continual engagement.

Leadership is all about creating a cognitive and an engaging work environment.  With technology the leaders get to get a first- hand overview of their business landscape, giving them a bird’s eye view and enable them to make an informed decision on the go.

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