Benefits of Recruiting through Artificial Intelligence

The recruiting landscape has seen a major change due to disruption in HR technology. In the HR space, hiring “fit for job” candidates with minimum “time to fill” window and forging a continued relationship with them, is the key. A true relationship with the applicant becomes the bedrock for a long-term investment an applicant makes in an organization’s values and goals.

In today’s dynamic IT landscape, AI is the buzzword which has taken the recruitment world by storm. AI is looked upon as an IT phenomenon, a driver for smarter, efficient and hassle-free recruitment cycles. Let’s discuss how AI has become the bearer of change in the recruitment landscape and has managed to drive benefits in the hiring process.

  •    The probability of finding to fit hire candidates manifold with the adoption of AI capabilities. AI capabilities allow the HR team to create exact job descriptions strewed with keywords to attract the desired applicant. Much AI-powered recruitment software provides alternatives for certain words based on your target audience.
  •    The recruitment process is inundated with a manual task. Every pre-hiring process has a repetitive task like screening, scheduling job interviews, answering questions pertaining to the job profile. The integration of AI within the hiring cycle results in automating these repetitive tasks through its machine learning capabilities and natural language processing. The screening process can be automated via predictive data models created through machine learning algorithms over a period of constant data assimilation. Chatbots and personal assistants, upshots of AI, allows a 24/7 engagement with the applicants without the need of a human interface.
  •    AI soft skills analytics tools use interview data and through biometric and psychometric analysis evaluate candidates facial-micro expressions and body language. AI, therefore, helps in picking the candidate who is an expert in technical and soft skills.
  •    AI creates a level playing field as it reduces the bias in the recruitment process, through state of the art and comprehensive set of data models, to make an unbiased decision based on the job requirements.
  •    AI also facilitates cost affecting hiring as it reduces the time to hire and target the right talent pool via machine learning algorithms.

AI has come as a boon to the recruitment process and is here to stay. The recruiters will have to understand the benefits of it, in accordance with their business processes. With the right combination of AI-powered tools and software, an automated process that has the potential to improve the quality of the candidates and their application experience can be developed.

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