Diversity Hiring -Buzzclan’s initiative

BuzzClan is an elite Oracle partner and a consulting firm, providing advisory and implementation services. At its core is the skilled workforce, with over 200+years of experience, from every walk of life and background, which keeps the ball rolling.

A company is only as good as the employees it hires and therefore by reaching out to a diverse workforce, it allows itself access to a greater pool of candidates. BuzzClan is at the forefront of advocating diversity in hiring as it understands how important it is to have a different perspective on things in a competitive landscape. A diverse workforce, in today’s global exposure, helps in identifying unmet needs and new opportunities for a business operating across different geographical locations.

The following are the tangible benefits of a diverse workforce:

  • A work environment with a diverse workforce is a breeding ground for employee innovation and motivation.
  • An organization ability to hire a diverse workforce reflects favorably on its recruitment strategies and its sensibilities towards other cultures.

Hiring diverse candidates have become an essential part of a business strategy. No wonder the businesses around the world are leveraging the capabilities of AI to hire more diverse candidates. The AI will track the hiring process in regard to gender and give a bird’s eye view to understand their own talent landscape, compared to their peers.

Therefore a successful business develops a hiring strategy that makes its workforce resemble the community they operate in. A standard evaluation system and metrics create an equal opportunity platform, which caters for skilled workforce from every walk of life.

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