6 ways to transform your business with BuzzHRMS

The IT landscape is evolving at a rapid pace and managing the human capital asset has become the key to success for any organization. The HR professional role is not only limited to resource management but also payroll processing, performance and leave management. The consolidated HRMS platform allows the HR consultants to digress from the more mundane task and focus on employee engagement at a much personal level. Buzz HRMS is one of the HRMS software which manages a growing enterprise through its rich set of functional modules. Let’s rifle through the 360-degree capabilities of BuzzHRMS and how can it benefit the business through its many capabilities.

  •    The employee self-service feature of an HRMS system gives control to the employees by allowing them to raise issues pertaining to seat allocation, hardware and leave request without having to call any HR personnel. This saves time for both the employee and the HR staff. The workflow generated for the request triggers an email to the all the parties in question, thereby keeping everyone in the loop.
  •    The BUZZHRMS All-in-One Payroll Management Software has a simple GUI, which is easy to navigate and have functionalities to perform complex calculations pertaining to taxes and deductions. The analytics feature ensures analysis of real-time data sourced from across the entire HR suite of software in an organization
  •    The HR process of hiring is a very repetitive process which is very resource intensive and time-consuming. The HRMS system leverages IT capabilities and integration with ERP systems to automate most of these tasks, thus, reducing the requirement of manual intervention.
  •    Fraudulent transactions contribute towards the loss of revenue but an integrated and a well implemented HRMS system abstain employees from misusing the system. BuzzHrms integrated platform timestamps all the activities and the approval process trigger an automated workflow, making auditing a breeze.
  •    Most of the companies work under strict regulations and guidelines and should follow certain taxation rules set up by the government of the land of their operations. BuzzHRMS system has the provision of maintaining compliance checks and scheduling alerts to ensure the company works within the laid rules and guidelines.
  •    The BUZZ HRMS back-end infrastructure grows with your organization automatically, taking care of existing data upload and hardware requirements. The SaaS version of HRMS allows employees and HR consultants to connect from anywhere and access information on any of their smart device

Businesses can do a free trial of the BuzzHRMS software for the first 45 days and then can opt for one of the many flexible plans, depending on the number of users. It empowers the workforce with its exceptional features and an intuitive interface. BuzzHRMS, easy to configure and integrate with multiple platforms makes it one of the most viable options for businesses.

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