Time and Attendance an integral resource of HR function

In today’s cutthroat competition, time is money and every organization in order to better utilize their
critical human resource is investing in automating time and attendance processes. The antiquated
the manual time tracking system was prone to inaccurate calculations, giving way to the adoption of
automated time and attendance management systems.

In a globalized world, an organizations workforce is spread across geographical boundaries, and to
manage their absence policies, time-off request, and time accruals, HR would benefit from an integrated solution which would provide an insight into their workforce. An intuitive and well-designed integrated
solution will assist the leadership team to allocate tasks to groups and individuals based on the time
utilization by understanding the bandwidth available. The time data can form the basis on which
incentive packages can be designed, a just reward for extra efforts.

The time and attendance system enhance the concept of accountability and segregates the “time
wasters” from the lot, as it captures the login and logout time, and hence putting a stop on proxy
attendance, extended break times and time thefts. Apart from its impact on productivity, compliance,
and efficiency an automatic time and management system’s employee self-service feature reduces the
burden of the HR team by capturing data pertaining to payroll. The self-service feature allows the
employees to plan their holidays well in advance allowing the business vertical heads to arrange for their
backups in time.

The pre-configured reporting tool integrated with data warehouse is a bedrock of the intuitive
dashboard; an integral part of the time and attendance solution. The dashboard provides actionable
insights in understanding absence management on a corporate level, having capabilities to drill down to
the most granular level. It allows stakeholders to make informed decisions on budget, cost allocation to
cost centers as it provides visibility into recorded times and spends on overtimes and premiums.
The need for advanced employee time tracking system is the need of the hour as it affects productivity,
accountability, and compliance. The time and attendance solution provides actionable insights and
makes time and attendance approval process faster and easier.

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