Hybrid Cloud – Your Segway to the Cloud

Hybrid cloud computing is an infrastructure that enables the orchestration of myriad IT services via a conduit which links the public cloud and internal data centers; hosting resources managing the less sensitive and critical business processes of an organization respectively.
As the term suggests hybrid cloud platform infrastructure is an amalgamation of public and private cloud, the percentage of their exposure in an organization depended upon the priority, criticality, requirement of the availability of the application and its computing workload. Therefore, in a layman term, a prerequisite for a fully functional hybrid cloud platform is a public cloud, a private cloud and their ability to interact with each other via a secure and sufficient data pipe for a seamless data transition.

A new IT landscape is being designed around the design strategy that enables and enhances an organization’s ability to scale and adapt quickly according to the everchanging demand of an omnipresent, uninterruptable IT service which encourages innovation and design thinking. Hybrid integration allows on-premise applications and infrastructure to seamlessly integrate with cloud-based applications while leveraging the new systems to drive innovations and competitive advantage. The hybrid cloud model reduces the total cost of ownership and maintenance as the company has a choice to allocate it across multiple models- private, public or any third-party tools.,
Private cloud platform of hybrid cloud technology provides better security control over sensitive data and applications by hosting them within the company’s intranet or a hosted data center protected by a firewall. On the other hand, the Public cloud platform provides immense opportunities for the businesses by making cutting-edge computing capabilities easily accessible to the users. The use of advanced analytic tools and machine learning capabilities is available in a matter of minutes of signing up on leading public cloud platforms without having to worry about making upfront investments in setting up an infrastructure. It also allows a business to move its legacy on-premise applications and less sensitive data on a public cloud platform for easy access through the web. The flexibility of hybrid cloud platform enables a more agile environment with a better control to organizations security challenges and risk.

The Hybrid Cloud is the future with the agility, scalability, and adaptability it offers but it can only be well utilized by the businesses, if they fully understand it’s complex IT architecture and how they can make their IT landscape optimum ready to get the best out of the hybrid solution.

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