3 Features that make your HR software Powerful

In today’s candidate-centric job market where time to market takes precedence over anything else, the HR software becomes an epicenter of all the HR activities. The days of flat files and legacy HR solutions have started to become a thing of the past as integration and automation drive the business processes, providing real time information based on current parameters and data from myriad platforms. The IT software landscape is inundated with a plethora of HR software offering a multitude of features, some either cumbersome to install and monitor and some either too expensive and complex to use. Now, with so many HR solutions to choose from how does a vendor set itself apart from the competition. The following are the few predominant features which are of paramount importance and adds to an overall characteristic of the HR software.

  • Interoperability – The HRMS should be easily integrated with other systems like recruitment, performance management, Analytics, Project costing, finance and should have a centralized database, the updates of which could be seen across the board ensuring real-time data for processing.  
  • Decision Support Dashboards: The HRMS should have a robust, insightful and extensible reporting feature. The availability of real time data is completely futile if it’s not meaningful and inexpressible in a visual format for efficient decision making by the stakeholders. The HRMS should have a library of report templates and the ability to create customizable reports based on current and past HR data. Decision making regarding company policies, HR rules and guidelines and HR strategy hinges on the statistics real-time data from HRMS.
  • Employee Self Service: The Employee self-service feature ensures employees have a freedom to access their payroll, personal information, benefits and rewards data and update them on the go, without having to go through HR personnel. This, in turn, allows the HR staff to focus more on strategic task then fielding employee queries. A right platform provides access to mobile apps will add to the overall positive experience of the employees within the organization.


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