Businesses run on ERP platform, which integrates business processes like Finance, CRM, Sales and Distribution, Asset management and HR to name a few. The integration of various systems allows a seamless flow of information within the organization and also provides real time information. A user is provisioned different access to the underlying systems to ensure that are able to do their tasks. At times, some users might end up having around 15-20 access roles, which becomes hard to manage as the employees are reassigned to different organizational group or role. If entitlements are not properly managed and audited, they can lead the system open to unscrupulous activities. Over time, this is bound to prove detrimental in the long run. Entitlement audit automation is the answer to such prospective gaping holes by facilitating the automation of the auditing process of unstructured or semi-structured data platforms like SharePoint and file servers. Due to the automation of the entitlement audit , the data owners are relieved of furnishing entitlements reports and put the auditors into a decision making role.

The BuzzClan automated entitlement audit tool assists in alleviating the painstaking management of user entitlements across multiple platforms.

Following are some salient features of the BuzzClan entitlements audit solution:


  • It enables the organization to extract entitlements from multiple platforms in an automated way without the need to engage the application owners
  • Entitlements are published using a Unified Entitlements Data Model
  • Uses advanced algorithms to inspected and analyzed with minimum manual intervention. The advanced algorithm designed on access control rules can find users with potential excessive entitlements, users with similar entitlements and provide integrated data views across objects like links, hierarchy and time validity of assignments.
  • Rules-based flagging of users with SOT/ZT conflicts
  • The BuzzClan entitlements audit solution saves organizations man-months worth of expense, typically spent scanning the access schema of individual applications manually.
  • The entitlement retrieval process is automated using the specifically designed and tested agent-based architecture.
  • It mitigates errors arising due to manual intervention and allows the businesses to single out any irregularities.
  • The system provides extended dashboards across multiple applications providing a singular view of the current provisioning.
  • Configurable to adapt to controls specific to various regulatory requirements like HIPAA, SOX, PCI, GDPR etc.


BuzzClan automated entitlement audit solution is designed to meet the requirements of today’s dynamic business landscape with proven scalability and up to date conformance to industry standard.


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