HR automation-key to untap potential

The HR team, on a regular basis, is inundated with a multitude of tasks which involves extensive use of paper base driven processes. Activities such as onboarding, payment generation, log-in status monitoring etc. entail innumerable redundant procedures which when done manually has a potential to hurt productivity and secluding the HR employees to a more mundane task. In today’s dynamic times, many small and large companies leverage the capabilities of IT automation tools with their HCM software to reduce the repetitive task and automate the administrative work for the HR professionals.

HR is quite a complex and multi-dimensional area of the business and is essential to finding and retaining the most intellectual staff based on which your company will grow. By using the old HR methods of storing information on flat files like excel, word or 3rd party apps for recruitment or payroll will lead to missed opportunities to hire right candidate, time and money: all three detrimental to the survival of a business in today’s time of cutthroat competition.

The HR automation tools come equipped with application tracking system, run on algorithms to reduce the talent acquisition and management task. Through ATS, the recruitment and selection process is streamlined due to the following solutions:

  • The faster screening and parsing of candidates based on keywords
  • Automatic email generation and scheduling of interview
  • Streamline communication workflow among the team members
  • Job advertisement can be posted on multiple job boards by a click of a button
  • All the relevant information pertaining to the applicants are stored in one single repository
  • ATS has a repository of HR templates which are designed as per the organization’s design layout and communication policy.

The BuzzClan HR automation offering provides improved employee experience by empowering the employees to manage and apply their travel request and submit their expense report without the assistance of an HR personnel. The automation process generates an automatic approval workflow to the concerned department head without any manual intervention.

The automation of HR system enables employees to manage their own learning hours and enroll themselves in courses which benefit them in their current roles. The online learning centers allow employees to take these courses anywhere and anytime. The automated performance appraisal process facilitates the enablement of aligning the workforce by linking employee goals and job accountabilities to organization’s objective. It saves time in evaluating employees as the data collated during the evaluation process is juxtaposed against the metric setup for each relevant objective.

Automation in HR process of onboarding drives employee engagement through questionnaires, ethics, and values video tutorial and other social networking and interactive sites across the organization.

HR plays an important role in shaping the business as it strategically hires the right candidate for the role. This process will be in serious jeopardy due to uncorroborated information and irrelevant information. A streamlined automated HR process starting from hiring and onboarding to exit interview mitigates any risk due to incomplete process and help maintain critical advantage in the market.


A number of potential roadblocks can be improved through HR automation.

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