Elastic Cloud vs. Not So Elastic Cloud – CPU Oversubscription

Not So Elastic Cloud:

Using VM Manager, we can create a?High Density Deployment

Read more at:?http://www.qualogy.com/upgrading-our-exalogic-to-navstar/
A good explanation of the concept can be found at?Exalogic and CPU Oversubscription by – Donald Forbes

So the idea is that we allocate each VM the resources that particular VM will ideally need to run optimally.

So hypothetically, lets say we have a machine which has 4 VM’s reprenting a Dev, QA, UAT and Performance Testing environment for a particular software life-cycle. The server as a whole can handle a load of 5000 users. We anticipate that at any given time there will be 150 active developers, ?150 QA and 200 UAT users respectively on the server. This leaves the

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