Exadata X3-2 Eighth Rack: Your ticket to the big league

Is your company/department looking to upgrade their database hardware? If so, Oracle has made it easy for any organization to join the big league and opt for an Exadata solution for about $250,000. Oracle is willing to ship a Quarter Rack with certain hardware turned off to your organization allowing the benefit of an appliance that is designed to supercharge your database applications. This configuration of Exadata is an ideal action for bringing the technological advancements as well as extreme performance for smaller workloads.


Alternatively, if your Development or QA servers are not on Exadata, or are hosing your production servers, an Eighth rack is a good option to isolate that environment where the Developer and QA can work assuming an exact replica of production.


Review the comparison between the two configurations here:

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X3-2 Eighth X3-2 Quarter
Database Servers 2 2
Database Grid Cores 16 32
Database Grid Memory (GB) 256 (max 512) 256 (max 512)
InfiniBand Switches 2 2
Ethernet Switches 1 1
Exadata Storage servers 3 3
Storage Grid CPU Cores 18 36
Raw Flash Capacity 2.4 TB 4.8 TB
Raw Disk Capacity
High Performance Disk 10.8 TB 21.6 TB
High Capacity Disk 54 TB 108 TB
Raw Flash Capacity 2.4 TB 4.8 TB
Usable Mirrored Capacity
High Performance Disk 4.5 TB 9.5 TB
High Capacity Disk 23 TB 48 TB
Usable Triple Mirrored Capacity
High Performance Disk 3.25 TB 6.5 TB
High Capacity Disk 16 TB 32 TB
Database Machine IO Performance
High Performance Disk 2.7 GB/s 2.7 GB/s
High Capacity Disk 2 GB/s 2 GB/s
Flash Cache Data Bandwidth
High Performance Disk 10.7 GB/s 21.5 GB/s
High Capacity Disk 10 GB/s 20 GB/s
High Performance Disk 5,400 10,800
High Capacity Disk 3,000 6,000
8K Reads 187,000 375,000
8K Writes 125 250
Data Load Rates 2 TB/hr 4 TB/hr