Enterprise Manager 12c: Enabling Management Packs

EM12c is a very robust tool, which can monitor end to end – operating system, DB, Middle-Tier & Web-Tier.
Besides monitoring the status of all basic applications for e.g. Webcenter,UCM, SOA, BPEL, BAM, OSB and many others.
If you want to gain access to additional value-added features, then you must enable the Management Pack for relevant application.

To enable the Management Pack:

1. Login to EM12c URL and From the Setup menu, select Management Packs, then select Management Pack Access.
2. Enterprise Manager Cloud Control displays the Management Pack Access page.
3. In the Management Pack Access page, as an example, from the Search list, select relevant target for e.g. SOA Infrastructure.
4. Enterprise Manager Cloud Control lists all the targets being monitored.
5. From the table, for the target you are interested in, enable the relevant management pack for e.g. SOA Management Pack Enterprise Edition and click Apply.

Its as simple as that. Please shoot us a comment for any questions.

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