Exalogic NIS Setup

1. Create a new ID in NIS Server using this command e.g :-

/usr/sbin/useradd -d /home/username -u 2016 -g 1002 -s /bin/bash -p passwordusername

2. Check the entry in /etc/passwd and copy the same entry in /etc/yp/passwd
3. Cd /var/yp
4. make -C /var/yp

5. If required, restart

service ypserv start
service yppasswdd start
service rpcimapd start
service ypbind start

6. Check whether ID appears in ypcat passwd

7. Login to the target Exalogic node, change the properties of User to reflect right Home and Right UID/GID.

8. If required, change the password

9. Su – user and create directories/files, it should work fine.


/usr/sbin/userdel username

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