OBIEE – 11g Inbuilt Mapping and Spatial capability – Setup BI Server

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As you click the + button on the compound view while creating a report, you will now see a new item – Map.
OBIEE now has the capability to include map views on a report. This functionality is provided by the Spatial boundary data provided by NAVTEQ. This spatial data and any other spatial meta data, including themes and styles, must be stored in an Oracle Database to be accessed by Oracle MapViewer for display in map views.
If you try to add a map view to the report, you may see this error message:

A basemap is required to render a map. Please ensure that at least one basemap is defined in the spatial meta-data

Error Details

Error Codes: EMGUNIA3

Location: saw.views.evc.activate, saw.httpserver.processrequest, saw.rpc.server.responder, saw.rpc.server, saw.rpc.server.handleConnection, saw.rpc.server.dispatch, saw.threadpool, saw.threadpool, saw.threads

The basic installation takes care of the installation, but does not complete the configuration part. There are two modes in which the spatial data can be configured:

  • Remote MapViewer : The Map Viewer is a separate server, and mitigate the cross-browser AJAX communication issues, a proxy is established on the main server. Also known as proxy mode. If a separate remote instance of MapViewer is configured as the rendering engine, then the browser cannot communicate with the remote instance for resources. Browsers do not allow cross-domain AJAX calls for security reasons. To overcome this limitation, all requests are first forwarded to the co-located MapViewer, which in turn communicates with the actual remote instance.
  • Co-located MapViewer : Also known as non-proxy mode. If the MapViewer is located in the same domain as Oracle BI EE and used as the rendering engine, then all map resources (such as JavaScript files and images) are downloaded from that instance of MapViewer.

To configure the map viewer in a Non-Proxy mode, add the following configuration to the instanceconfig.xml file.


Step II – Setup Mapview

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