[nQSError: 46033] Datatype: 25 is not supported

With OBIEE 11g, I was not able to import metadata from an Access db. More on that later.

I ended up hand coding the physiscal layer and when I was testing the table definiations for correctness, I ran into a couple of nQSError 46033/25 not supported.

Several forums on OTN suggested “wierd characters” within the definiation, but I couldn’t see any thing out of place.

Digging into the NQQuery.log file showed me that the following entries:

This gave me the SQL Query. This is a marked improvement over 10g, in 11g you can get the query generated in the logs, even when u are running test data pulls in RPD. I took the query –
select “SocCode”, “SocDescr”, “SocTitle” from “Soc”
and ran it in Access. There the error message was even more cryptic:

“Syntax Error in Query. Incomplete query clause”

On further analysis, one of the column name is not right – the SocDescr is defined as SocDesc

So if you are seeing [nQSError: 46033] Datatype: 25 is not supported., see if the column defination has changed since the metadata was imported.

Till next time, while I struggle with auto import of metadata from Access.

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