OBIEE 11g – RPD Upgrade issues

JainSys Inc. These are couple of issues I have encountered so far while upgrading from 10g to 11g on the RPD side.
These are simple issues, but the error message are not very forthcoming. Hope this helps you get through.

1. All the TNS entries required in the RPD should be available in the TNS file for the server to start successfully after the conversion. If you see these errors in the log files, update the TNS entries to match the 10g server’s.

[nQSError: 17014] Could not connect to Oracle database.
[[[nQSError: 17001] Oracle Error code: 12154, message: ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified at OCI call OCIServerAttach.

The TNS entries should be made in this location:


More details about the directory structure at: OBIEE 11g – Demystifying the directory structure

2. If your 10g RPD has BI Event Tables for caching, remove them before the upgrade. The upgrade process does not convert them over properly, and it will result in errors related to “invalid cache” .

[nQSError:58004] A fatal error occurred while initializing the cache.

3. If you were trying to upgrade the catalog, and the Upgrade tool froze somewhere in the middle, then there is a good chance that you will not be able to start PS anymore.
There will be all sorts of error messages in your error logs, but none of them will point to this:
Look at the instanceconfig.xml and search for the following entry:



If you see this, remove this entry and restart the services.
Some errors that will show up in the saw.log files if this is the case:

[OBIPS] [NOTIFICATION:1] [] [saw.catalog.scrubacls.scrub] [ecid: ] [tid: ] Scrubbed 0 of 661 records[[

[OBIPS] [NOTIFICATION:1] [] [saw.subsystem.catalog.initialize.upgrade] [ecid: ] [tid: ] Upgrade catalog started[[

Multiple entries similar to this

[OBIPS] [WARNING:1] [] [saw.subsystem.catalog.initialize.upgrade] [ecid: ] [tid: ] WARNING: missing SAW_CATALOG_REGISTER_IOOBJECT_FACTORY for scorecardperspectivelist1[[

I will be updating this log with other issues I encounter!

JainSys Inc.

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