OBIEE 11g – Startup as Windows Service

If a OBIEE 11g install completes OK on a Windows OS, every things start up fine including OBIEE/EM/Weblogic console. But if you have to restart the computer for some reason, these components do not start by itself.A quick way to run the services is to go to the Program list and start by clicking the “Start BI Services” option.

This can not be automated right away to run
on startup as you will be asked to enter the weblogic admin user and password, and the screen will wait for input. This method also leaves two command window lingering in the background, which can become a nag in the long run.
The steps to setup Weblogic Server as a Windows service are as follows:
  • Create a boot identity file.
  • Create a script to initialize the server-specific variables.
  • Define the location of the domain’s Admin server in the script
  • Introduce a delay in between the startup of the Managed server after the Admin server starts.
  • Ensure scripts to shut down the servers when the services are being shut down.
  • Route the messages to a file instead of stdOut.
  • Run and test the script.
Sample script

echo off SETLOCAL set DOMAIN_NAME=bifoundation_domain set USERDOMAIN_HOME=D:appAdministratorproduct11.1.0MiddleWareHomeuser_projectsdomainsbifoundation_domain set SERVER_NAME=win-3iqbm89y7w9 set PRODUCTION_MODE=false set JAVA_OPTIONS=-Dweblogic.Stdout=”D:appAdministratorproduct11.1.0MiddleWareHomeuser_projectsdomainsmyWLSdomain stdout.txt” -Dweblogic.Stderr=”D:appAdministratorproduct11.1.0MiddleWareHomeuser_projectsdomainsmyWLSdomain stderr.txt” set ADMIN_URL=http://3iqbm89y7w9:7501 set MEM_ARGS=-Xms40m -Xmx250m call “D:appAdministratorproduct11.1.0MiddleWareHomeuser_projectsdomainsbifoundation_domainwlserver_10.3serverbininstallSvc.cmd” ENDLOCAL

To find out the domain name of the installation, please refer tot his file:
at the end of the file there will be a comment:
For ease of reference, you defined the following managed servers in your domain: bi_server1

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