OBIEE Connection to a MSAS 2005 Cube

  1. Configure HTTP access to SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services. – Use these links to configure your DB server to expose the Cubes using XMLA as webservices. For Win2003 For WinXP
  2. In the instructions, please make sure that the last step is done correctly. It asks to modify the ini file and change the server name of the MSAS db. it defaults to localhost, and if the db name is different then you need to change it to reflect that name. You may get an error “The specified module could not be found” if the server name is not correct.
  3. Open OBIEE Administration Tool.
  4. Create a new RPD (or open an existing one).
  5. Open Menu File–> Import–>From Multi-Dimensional
  6. Enter the url to the configured web directory http://MyMachine/olap/msmdpump.dll
  7. Hit Enter.
  8. The next screen should show a list of Cubes available in the server. (mine only shows the server name, no cubes under it)
  9. I hit Import.
  10. &ltI am getting an error in the Administrator server at this time.

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