The Eight Design Principles of OBIEE


    1. Unified Enterprise View of Information :- Ability to connect and gather information from various physical data sources including Relational, DW, MOLAP, OLAP, Text, Excel files and present a single, consistent and logical view.


  • Unified Semantic View of Information :- The logical representation can then be abstracted to a uniform business model representing how a business user expresses calculations.



  • Pervasive Access to Information :- The Business model representation allows the business users to create and view their own reports in various formats without the intervention of a professional analyst. The underlying data is represented in a way they are accustomed to view/think of the data in day to day operations.



  • Real-time Information Access.



  • Insight-driven Action.



  • Unified Infrastructure.



  • Pre-built Analytics Solutions.



  • Hot Pluggable.


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